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  • Immune Response to Hib Conjugate Vaccine in infants

    Immune Response to Hib Conjugate Vaccine in infants

    4839 RUB
    Invasive disease due to Haemophilus influenzae typeb (Hib) is common in both HIV infected and un-infected children and immunisation with Hib conjugate vaccines is recommended. However, a few studies done showed that HIV infection blunts antibody response to childhood vaccines. The main objective of this study was to assess the ability of both HIV infected and un-infected Ugandan infants seen at Mulago hospital to mount protective antibody responses and highlight some of the factors that affect response. 159 infants were recruited; 8 were lost to follow up. Of the 151 analyzed, 53 were HIV infected and 98 un-infected. The serum antibody responses were determined by ELISA just before the 3rd dose and a minimum of one month after the dose. 81.6% of the HIV un-infected and 56.6% of the HIV infected achieved protective antibodies after the 3rd dose. 3 doses were better than 2 for both groups. Independent predictors for inadequate antibody response were HIV infection and splenomegally in an HIV infected infant Vitamin A had a potentiating effect on response in infants above 6 months. The study results formed a basis for evaluating the efficacy of the Hib conjugate vaccine in the country.
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  • The Pregnant Body Book

    The Pregnant Body Book

    2730 RUB
    The complete illustrated guide from conception to birth. "The Pregnant Body Book" is a comprehensive visual guide to every aspect of conception, pregnancy and birth exploring the important changes that take place in a completely revolutionary way. State-of-the-art images, extraordinary photography and accessible text track each stage of both the mother and baby's development from fertilisation to birth week-by-week. This unprecedented guide covers everything you could possibly want to know from the science behind sex and conception to the intricacies of genetics and includes a detailed look at the anatomy and physiology of both the male and female reproductive systems and the groundbreaking medical advances that define the 21st-century understanding of pregnancy. The Pregnant Body Book is the first of its kind and an ideal reference for prospective parents, as well as both medical and midwifery students.
  • AIWIBI baby bath racks foldable infants baths and young children bathbed mesh bath tub non-slip
  • Infants and twin baby stroller double shock can split multiple birth children can sit flat folding full bottle free delivery
  • Colored Authentic Standard Wooden Dominoes quality of infants and young children domino blocks kids educational toys
  • 2pcs Boys Clothing Sets Summer Children Casual Vest Cotton T-shirt and Shorts suit Children Kids Clothes Sets Infants Costume P5
  • Cotton Baby Girls dress Summer floral Flower Sleeveless Infants and toddler Kids ruffled dresses for kids cute princess dress
  • Peak Flow Rate, ECG indices in Pregnant Women in Kano State, Nigeria

    Peak Flow Rate, ECG indices in Pregnant Women in Kano State, Nigeria

    4839 RUB
    Values of peak expiratory flow rate (PEF), ECG and Hematological variables in 250 females at their reproductive ages, made up of 123 pregnant subjects and 127 non-pregnant control group, living and/or working in kura local government area and its environs were obtained. Pearson’s correlation coefficient between PEF and ages as well as ECG, Hematological and other anthropometric measurements were calculated in both groups.Multiple regression analyses were made to obtain the best prediction formula using the measured variables in pregnant and non-pregnant groups. Furthermore, graphs were plotted to show the variation of PEF with age in the subjects and controls with specific weights. Data for plotting the graphs were generated using the prediction formula generated from this study and other prediction formula generated from previous studies among Nigerians, whose best prediction formula incorporated age and height. The graphs illustrated the limitations of applying formula derived from a different race, tribe and/or generation to an entire different people with dissimilar characteristics. This lends credence to the need to make use of recently generated formula for local use.
  • Awareness and Attitudes of Pregnant Mothers Towards Use of VCT

    Awareness and Attitudes of Pregnant Mothers Towards Use of VCT

    4839 RUB
    This book draws on the field work on awareness and attitude of pregnant mothers towards use of voluntary cancelling and testing (VCT) services. The field work of this publication employed both qualitative and quantitative research methods to evaluate attitude of pregnant mothers towards use of voluntary cancelling and testing (VCT) service. The finding of the study revealed that respondents were knowledgeable of the existing counseling and testing services. Some respondents reported to have attended VCT because of a strange illness, other had lost their siblings, and some said just to know their HIV status, and other said they are pregnant. The factors that make people do not to volunteer were as follows: “I don’t have time to have a test”, “this is my First time to visit VCT center, “I am afraid of the result”, and “there is no cure“. The overriding issue is how VCT programme implementers need to improve communication campaigns to address awareness and knowledge of VCT for pregnant women and especially for couples by providing increasing knowledge the benefits of VCT.
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