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  • Майка женская DC Sand Yusky Tank Light Grey Heather
  • Health Status of Tribal People Enganged in Sand Excavation in Mumbai

    Health Status of Tribal People Enganged in Sand Excavation in Mumbai

    3274 RUB
    Growing urbanization and developmental projects and buildings in the city has promoted the need for sand and there by excavation. Sand excavation is an important pull factor, especially, for young people who migrate to cities out of poverty. This occupation contributes as an important pull factor for the circular migration from the nearby villages to metro cities. Many people are engaged in such occupation in the creeks in Mumbai. Majority of them are tribals who have migrated from nearby district of Thane. Among many hazardous jobs, sand excavation is hazardous and difficult to perform. As these people are exposed to hazardous job and poor living condition, theyare vulnerable to various health problems; injuries and illness. Excessive exposure to depth of water causes various health problems among the workers who go deep in the water. These workers may suffer from bleeding from ear, nose and mouth, deafness, injuries to the various body parts. Sometime, it could also lead to death of workers. This is study done to understand the health status and utilization of health care services of these people who are engaged in such hazardous job of sand excavation in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Блейк Пирс A Trace of Vice

    Блейк Пирс A Trace of Vice

    299 RUB
    Yet at the same time, Keri is assigned a new case, one with a frantic ticking clock. A teenage girl has gone missing in Los Angeles, a girl from a good family was who duped into drugs and abducted into a sex trafficking ring. Keri is hot on her trail—but the trail is moving fast, with the girl being constantly moved and with her abductors’ single, nefarious goal: to cross her over the border with Mexico. In an epic, breathtaking, cat and mouse chase that takes them through the seedy underworld of trafficking, Keri and Ray will be pushed to their limits to save the girl—and her own daughter—before it is all too late.
  • PGMs Preconcentration & Spectroscopy: Trace/Ultratrace Levels Analysis

    PGMs Preconcentration & Spectroscopy: Trace/Ultratrace Levels Analysis

    7078 RUB
    This is a textbook for courses in fundamentals of analytical spectroscopy and separation science (adsorption) with focus on the platinum group metals (PGMs) and the platinum group elements (PGEs). Practical examples range from laboratory experimentations to industry scale applications. Since it treats both basic principles and applications, it is suitable for engineering and science students (particularly chemistry and chemical science/technology), as well as for those whose major interest is metallurgy with interest in the preconcentration and determination of PGMs & PGEs. In starting a journey of readership in this context, it is desirable that the reader or students have a general background in analytical spectroscopy and separation science employed in this book. An introductory section orients readership in this particular field with focus on PGMs and briefly surveys the background that gives significance to the principles of the adsorption process through solid phase extraction (SPE) and the chemistry of PGMs and PGEs that would later on fit into experimentations whose findings would directly benefit the industry.
  • Sand Mining

    Sand Mining

    6133 RUB
    Sand has become a very important mineral for the expansion of society. In recent years, demand for sand has increased tremendously. Environmental problems occur when the rate of extraction of sand, gravel and other materials exceeds the rate at which natural processes generate these materials. Because of illegal sand mining, it becomes a global problem and threatening human life in many parts of the world. This book covered the problematic areas from various parts of the world in relation to environmental damage and discussed the suitable controlling measures. The book is useful to the students and researchers of Earth, Biological and Environmental sciences. It is also useful for the Civil engineers, Hydrologists and persons and social service. The book will provide necessary information for creating awareness among the public to check one of the social problems.
  • Sand Pluviation Technique

    Sand Pluviation Technique

    4631 RUB
    This research work presents the characteristics of pluviated sand samples of Ravi, Chenab and Lawrencepur are determined as the function of deposition rate and free fall height. A supply vessel in the shape of an open-top circular container with vertical side walls, a perforated bottom tray, and a slid able tray in contact is used. Where sand flows by gravity from the supply vessel through perforations and rains or pluviates into the receptor container when the slideable tray is in the open position and sand is blocked from flowing from the supply vessel with the slid able tray in the closed position. Experiments show that sand pluviation technique or sand raining technique gives approximately 10% higher density achieved by the ASTM vibration method. Loose sand samples have been formed at maximum fall height after 0.6m.While before 0.6m dense sand sample have been formed by varying the fall height.
  • CND Vinylux, цвет 249 Shells In Sand

    CND Vinylux, цвет 249 Shells In Sand

    575 RUB
    Профессиональный лак (15 мл) бежево-персиковый, без перламутра и блесток, плотный.
  • Hydrodynamic Behavior in Palm Shells and Sand Mixtures Fluidization

    Hydrodynamic Behavior in Palm Shells and Sand Mixtures Fluidization

    4716 RUB
    Utilization of palm shells in gasification technology known as Compartmented Fluidized Bed Gasifier (CFBG) system which uses air as a gasification agent to produce a high heating value of syngas for power generation and chemical processes. Hence, it does not only give the potential source of renewable energy but also utilizing the waste in a sustainable way. Fluidization quality is a determining factor in CFBG to guarantee its well-mixed behavior when gasification is concerned. The fluidized behavior of sand / palm shell binary mixtures of different particles sizes and densities is studied in CFBG of 66 cm ID, consisting of two compartments, combustor and gasifier in a respective ratio of 2:1, fluidized with air. The minimum fluidization velocity (Umf), fluidization quality (Q), incipient bed voidage, incipient and expanded bed height are reported in 2, 5, 10 and 15 weight percentage of palm shells.
  • The Trace of Burning Stars

    The Trace of Burning Stars

    5006 RUB
    In this ground-breaking book, the internationally recognised author seeks to examine the complex relationship between law and poetry and the processes which develop to bring about the results which they both achieve. He shows how law and poetry are connected by rhetoric and by circumstances as they both attempt to deal with thematic aspects of human activity, experience and emotion. His discussion in not merely confined to analysis of poetry and case law, but discusses other critical responses to both areas of intellectual activity. It is important reading for those who wish to perceive law and its manifestations in a new light and for those whose aim is to relate poetry to an immediate area of daily activity. It will prove a rewarding experience for those interested in the contextual and international implications of both law and poetry.
  • Model checking trace-based information flow properties

    Model checking trace-based information flow properties

    4468 RUB
    Information flow properties are a way of specifying security properties of systems. A system is viewed as generating traces containing “confidential” and “visible” events (only the latter being observable by a “low-level” user) and the information flow properties specify restrictions on the kind of traces the system may generate, so as to restrict the amount of information a low-level user can infer about confidential events having taken place (or not) in an execution. Mantel identifies "basic security predicates” or BSPs and shows them to be the building blocks of most of the known trace-based properties in the literature. Traditionally BSPs have been reasoned about via unwinding conditions that capture whether a system satisfies a particular BSP. First, we show that the checking of unwinding conditions can be simplified to checking conditions on a maximal simulation relation. Second, we show that the BSPs can be characterized in terms of regularity preserving language-theoretic operations. This leads to a decision procedure for checking whether a finite state system satisfies a given BSP. Finally, we prove that the problem of verifying BSPs for pushdown systems is undecidable.
  • George Sand

    George Sand

    2282 RUB
    Book DescriptionGeorge Sand was the most famous—and most scandalous—woman in nineteenth-century France. As a writer, she was enormously prolific—she wrote more than ninety novels, thirty-five plays, and thousands of pages of autobiography. She inspired writers as diverse as Flaubert and Proust but is often remembered for her love affairs with such figures as Musset and Chopin. Her affair with Chopin is the most notorious: their nine-year relationship ended in 1847 when Sand began to suspect that the composer had fallen in love with her daughter, Solange. Drawing on archival sources—much of it neglected by Sand’s previous biographers—Elizabeth Harlan examines the intertwined issues of maternity and identitythat haunt Sand’s writing and defined her life. Why was Sand’s relationship with her daughter so fraught? Why was a woman so famous for her personal and literary audacity ultimately so conflicted about women’s liberation? In an effort to solve the riddle of Sand’s identity, Harlan examines a latticework of lives that include Solange, Sand’s mother and grandmother, and Sand’s own protagonists, whose stories amplify her own.
  • Monitoring of Toxic Trace Metals by Voltammetric Techniques

    Monitoring of Toxic Trace Metals by Voltammetric Techniques

    6606 RUB
    It is often difficult to determine how toxic a trace metal is, for that this book focuses on metals importance, toxicity effect and monitoring study. It characterizes natural and anthropogenic sources of pollutants, identifies physical, chemical and biological conditions that affect their ecosystem mobility. This book describes the pathways by which potentially toxic metals can access and concentrate to toxic levels in organisms. The text reviews the various environmental assessments, monitoring of samples and electroanalytical techniques used to determine how sample types bond the metals and hence affect their bioavailibility and bioaccumulation. Consideration is given to existing remediation methodologies and those being researched. Finally, this book emphasizes how preplanning during project studies can result in the incorporation of technologies that will prevent or at least greatly alleviate the release of toxic metals to our living environment.
  • Sally in the Sand

    Sally in the Sand

    484 RUB
    Sally finds a new audience with this set of seasonal board books for the youngest readers. Join Sally as she experiences new friends, new smells and new games on her seashore adventure. Adapted from the classic picture book Sally Goes to the Beach and illustrated in Huneck's classic woodcut prints, this simplified text is perfect for animal-loving beach babies.


    809 RUB
    Splish, splash! Llama Llama loves splashing in the waves, building sand castles on the beach, and soaking up the sun! This $12.99 casebound book includes 5 interactive touch-and-feel elements and a story that kids will want to read over and over again!
  • Майка борцовка Print Bar Sand King

    Майка борцовка Print Bar Sand King

    1390 RUB
    Все майки изготавливаются в Москве на нашем производстве и состоят из высококачественного материала кулирная гладь – эта одна из самых долговечных и стойких к износу тканей. Благодаря этому, качество изображения на футболке получается наиболее ярким и насыщенным и выдерживает любое количество стирок.
  • Cachet LED Nightlight Round Closed Front Toilet Seat in Mexican Sand
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