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  • Trace, Lift, and Learn. ABC & 123 (board book)

    Trace, Lift, and Learn. ABC & 123 (board book)

    916 RUB
    An exciting new series of early learning novelty board books that combine Scholastic's strength in learning with beautiful photography and clear designs to stimulate early learning. Trace, Play, and Learn ABC 123 is an interactive book full of activities to help children learn their ABCs and 123s.
  • Майка Sand Yusky
  • A Trace of Zwart's model in Persian Translations

    A Trace of Zwart's model in Persian Translations

    5433 RUB
    Translation shift is one of the most controversial domains of translation studies. No two languages are identical, and there are some distances between the original literary work and its translation into another language. The translator has to discover sentences and transfer them to the target language (Crystal and Davy, 1969; Leech and Short, 1981).It is worthy of note that the discourse and cultural challenges created between the author and the translator can add on aesthetic essence to the translated texts from which the reader can get enjoyment. Transferring words and thoughts from one language to another one is a puzzling and difficult matter for translators. A Translator’s individual style is realized when he/she adds or deletes some elements. The main concern is the fact that in the process of translation, it is not possible to establish a one-to-one and comprehensive correspondence between the elements of two languages and it is impossible to thoroughly transfer a message without some sort of changes. These changes may happen in two levels: Micro-level (sentences, clause and phrase) and macro-level (time, event, character, place and other meaningful components of the text.
  • Майка Print Bar Sand King
  • Майка борцовка Print Bar Sand King
  • Майка Print Bar Sand King
  • Майка борцовка Print Bar Sand King
  • Sand Cast And Kiln Glass

    Sand Cast And Kiln Glass

    2983 RUB
    This research concerns my art practice in the context of my experience as director of Tsinghua University’s Glass programme in Beijing, China. The research has benefited creative glass practice amongst Chinese students and professionals through the development of artworks, creative glass making approaches, innovative teaching approaches and programmes. I specialize in sand and kiln-cast glass and my art practice explores China’s historical cultural heritage. The content of my work refers to metaphors and symbols of power. The contribution to knowledge presented in this book is a body of artworks in glass that show the progression of one Chinese artist’s expression of Chinese culture - with descriptions of influences, inspirations and working methods. In addition, explanations are given of innovative creative methods in sand-cast and kiln-formed glass in the following areas: sand -casting of glass with different forms, a process to make under-cut forms in sand-casting, a series of tests for kiln casting using locally sourced Chinese glass mixed with enamels and lead glass frit to colour glass, and a ‘double firing’ method to cast one glass form inside of another.
  • The trace of the missionaries

    The trace of the missionaries

    2484 RUB
    The morass in town is getting tougher; soon the murder of a prominent figure, perpetrated by a gang led by Phantom, has worsened the already unbearable situation whereas the Community Security Squad is making its effort to completely curb the bad situation. Ricardo the son of the most famous artist has a pet called Badboy, a skilled and smart chimpanzee. The latter, disgusted by the sad situation in town personally lassos down three men of a gang during delivery and the Community Security Squad makes a decisive arrest. Sheriff honors Badboy’s effort by offering him a place in the Community Security Squad with the rank of a Sergeant. Badboy’s decision to turn down Sheriff’s honor is for a purpose since he is aware it is his hand that is behind his master’s fame. Both Ricardo and his pet later play nasty tricks on the so-called missionaries, and the fight for freedom and justice equally leads to the arrest of the American explorers who sneak into the rich land through the high lands. In the end Phantom and his men narrowly escape the claws of the law by running away into the forest, leaving behind a bitter trace in the hearts of thousands of people.
  • Free shipping, Noaya NF-820 High & Low Voltage Wire Tracker Tone trace cable under the floor slab, the ceiling or in the wall.
  • Mnotht 1/6 Solider Sniper Mercenary equipment kit Clothes Green Sand Military model For 12in Action Figure Toy l30 VH1020
  • CND, цвет Shells In Sand

    CND, цвет Shells In Sand

    1120 RUB
    (7,3 мл) бежево-персиковый, без перламутра и блесток, плотный.
  • LEMATEC Pneumatic tools Ergonomic Sand blasting Gun Sandblaster With Abrasives Canned Sandblasting Gun Made in Taiwan Air tools
  • Of Sand and Malice Made

    Of Sand and Malice Made

    1512 RUB
    Ceda, the heroine of the widely praised Twelve Kings in Sharakhai, is the youngest pit fighter in the history of the great desert city of Sharakhai. In this prequel, she has already made her name in the arena as the fearsome, undefeated White Wolf; none but her closest friends and allies know her true identity. But this all changes when she crosses the path of Rumayesh, an ehrekh, a sadistic ancient creature forged by the god of chaos. Ehrekhs are usually desert dwellers, but this one lurks in the dark corners of Sharakhai, toying with and preying on humans. Rumayesh seeks to unmask the White Wolf and claim Ceda for her own, in a struggle that becomes a battle for Ceda's very soul.
  • An Introduction to Chemistry of Trace Gases over Kannur,India

    An Introduction to Chemistry of Trace Gases over Kannur,India

    6794 RUB
    This book describes the continuous observation of prominent trace gases O3, and its precursors like NO, NO2, NOx, CH4 and Total NMHCs that significantly influence the air quality over Kannur, a coastal region in South India. Ozone being a prominent greenhouse gas, it plays a vital role in modifying the chemistry of the atmosphere by which it induces climate changes. Further, this highlights abrupt variations of O3, and NOx in the context of varying meteorological parameters during the annular solar eclipse on 15th January 2010. Likewise, air pollution formed out of the coordinated fireworks episode during festival seasons at Kannur is extensively discussed. The classification of hazardous organic emission during intense nighttime fireworks throws light on the nighttime chemistrythat influences the dynamics of the atmosphere.
  • Microminerals level in Native Pasture and Camel Tissues in Sudan

    Microminerals level in Native Pasture and Camel Tissues in Sudan

    4763 RUB
    A study was carried out in Butana Region, which is considered as one of camel production regions in the Sudan. the book is containing five chapters, all conculded in the following: In desert and semi-desert zones, camel rearing is important cultural fact. the majority of camel living in those areas, where feeding resources are generally scattered and poor. the determination of the wide type of trace element could be beneficial for a better understanding of the specific physiological of camel in desert conditions. the main three elements in camel tissues where commonly determined in countries where camel play important role in livestock economy. The present data could contribute to understand the trace mineral status in camel and their wide pasture. trace and minor level differ in camel tissues as the result of surrounding environment and animal absorption of these elements. from both clinical and biochemical point of view, trace mineral status in camel is scarce. normal range and deficiency status are described in numerous cases.
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Красивая модная одежда — это маленький шаг навстречу самому себе, только более совершенному. Почему бы тогда не побаловать ей себя или своих близких? Такой подарок будет высоко оценен, ведь в нем чувствуется теплота чувств и забота о человеке.

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