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  • Trace Metal Analysis in Atmospheric PM & Source Apportionment Studies

    Trace Metal Analysis in Atmospheric PM & Source Apportionment Studies

    5097 RUB
    Metals are vital to human but it can be toxic at higher levels, even if some elements are toxic at trace levels such as Hg, Cd, Pb and Cr, etc. In the present study, the site was divided to three categories such as mining, industrial and residential area. Mining area comprises the zone where exclusively sand beach mining and associated operations were carried out. The physical and chemical processing of separated beach sand and production of thorium operations were included in the industrial area and the population centre around the facility was assumed as the residential area.
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  • Level of trace metals in Tilapia Fish of three Lakes in Ethiopia

    Level of trace metals in Tilapia Fish of three Lakes in Ethiopia

    4631 RUB
    This manuscript presents the level of some selected trace metals in Tilapia fish (Oreochromis niloticus species) sampled from three productive Ethiopian rift valley lakes. Analytical procedures are clearly shown and reasonable explanations have been made based on the experimental data obtained and other previous works. The result is compared with international standards so that the health and environmental implication of the heavy metals in the fish could be clearly understood.
  • Trace Elements Status In Hypertension Patients

    Trace Elements Status In Hypertension Patients

    4468 RUB
    Hypertension is a complex, multifactorial, quantitative trait under polygenic control. The fundamental hemodynamic abnormality in hypertension is increased peripheral resistance, due primarily to changes in vascular structure and function. Many of these processes are influenced by trace elements. Small changes in trace elements levels may have significant effects on cardiac excitability and on vascular tone, contractility and reactivity. In studies concerning risk factors for hypertension a number of reports have emphasized the influence of lipids, but the role of dietary minerals other than sodium has been less studied. The present is to screen the trace elements and ultra trace elements in 30 male hypertension patients using ICP – OES. The level of Al, Ag, Ba, Bi, Cr, Cu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni and Se measured in Serum found to be not significantly (P > 0.05) varied when compared to control samples. The serum Zinc and cobalt conc were significantly (P > 0.05) lower in patients with essential hypertension compared to normal subjects and also no correlation between trace elements status with lipid parameters, CRP and hematological parameters.
  • Trace Elements In Medicinal Herbs And Their Aquaous Extract

    Trace Elements In Medicinal Herbs And Their Aquaous Extract

    5576 RUB
    This book focuses on the levels of elements iron, zinc, manganese, vanadium and chromium in different medicinal herbs used in Kenya and their aqueous extracts.It also lists the various diseases these herbs are used to treat.The analysis of elements is done using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and DPASV and correlation curves used to compare the levels of elements in the medicinal herbs and those in the aqueous extract.These levels are then compared to those recommended by the world health organization. The benefits of these elements in immune boosting as well as the side effects due to trace element over load has also been discussed.
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  • Ultra-Trace Analysis of Illicit Drugs

    Ultra-Trace Analysis of Illicit Drugs

    3393 RUB
    Nicole Scarazzo has worked in the forensic science field as a trace analyst in both illicit drugs and ignitable liquid analysis. Along with forensic science experience, she also has knowledge with various types of analytical instrumentation, mainly with mass spectrometry. She currently works as an instrumental chemist in the field of analytical chemistry specializing in analysis of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Trace Metals in Black River Sediments, Western Cape, South Africa

    Trace Metals in Black River Sediments, Western Cape, South Africa

    4631 RUB
    The increase in urbanisation and the use of metal compounds and products domestically and in industry has resulted in the production of by-products and wastes, which needs to be evaluated in the urban environment. The discharge of some of these wastes into urban rivers should be evaluated to determine the potential effects, for example, toxicity and mobility. The effects may, in part, be determined by the chemical states in which these wastes manifest themselves, and by the chemical associations they have. The sequential extraction technique of Tessier et al. (1979) was applied to the Black River and the Raapenberg riparian wetland sediments under nitrogen atmosphere, with a good level of accuracy, in order to evaluate the levels of metal pollution in the Cape Metropolitan area, South Africa.
  • Trace Metal Contamination in the Water Environment of Dhaka City

    Trace Metal Contamination in the Water Environment of Dhaka City

    4631 RUB
    The environment, economic growth and development of Bangladesh are highly influenced by water-its regional and seasonal availability and the quality of surface and groundwater. Surface water of Dhaka metropolitan city is unprotected. An investigation was carried out to study As, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn contents and the hazards of these trace metal contamination in pond, lake and river waters of Dhaka metropolitan city. The average concentration of As, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn were varied from 0.002 to 0.006, 0.030 to 0.413, 0.227 to 0.690, 0.173 to 0.900, 0.113 to 0.390 and 0.01 to 0.23 ppm, respectively. According to drinking water (potable water), public water, irrigation water and for aquaculture standard As, Cu, and Zn toxicity were not detected. In most cases, the concentrations of Mn and Pb were considered as toxicants. Seasonal fluctuations of concentrations were also found in all samples.
  • Potential release of in vivo trace metals from metallic medical implants in the human body

    Potential release of in vivo trace metals from metallic medical implants in the human body

    2259 RUB
    Metal ion release from metallic materials, e.g. metallic alloys and pure metals, implanted into the human body in dental and orthopedic surgery are becoming a major cause for concern. This book briefly provides an overview of both metallic alloys and pure metals used in implant materials in dental and orthopedic surgery. Additionally, a short section is dedicated to important biomaterials and their corrosive behavior in both real solutions and various types of media that model human biological fluids and tissues. The present book gives an overview of analytical methods, techniques and different approaches applied to measurement of in vivo trace metals released into body fluids and tissues from patients carrying metal-on-metal prosthesis and metal dental implants. Reference levels of ion concentrations in body fluids and tissues that have been determined by a host of studies are compiled, reviewed and presented in this paper. Finally, a collection of published clinical data on in vivo released trace metals from metallic medical implants is included.
  • Trace Elements

    Trace Elements

    5576 RUB
    Trace elements are elements that occur in human & animal tissues in milligram per kilogram amounts or less. Although trace elements are only required in small amounts, is less than 100mg per day, they are vitally important. Deficiency can lead to serious disorders. Several trace elements are essential micronutrients and are required for various body functions and well being of the immune system. Various types of trace elements and their applications are discussed.
  • Determination Of Trace Metals In Various Environmental Samples

    Determination Of Trace Metals In Various Environmental Samples

    6426 RUB
    The role of metals in the metabolism, maintenance of biological system, steel preparation and pharmaceutical preparation has been recognized for many decades. Pollution due to toxic metals is considered to be of immense importance due to the non-biodegradable nature and long biological half lives.Exposure to very low concentrations of metals like Pb, Se, Cu, Co, Zn, Ni and Cd may produce adverse effects on health and behavior of population. Although metals such as copper, nickel, selenium, cobalt, chromium, cadmium and zinc are essential for human beings, chronic metabolic disturbances may result from excess or deficiency of these metals.Therefore, the knowledge on the role of metals and their presence in biological systems has been the principal target of many a research study in the past and is still continuing. Hence, the continuous research on the study of metals of biological samples, pharmaceutical preparation and steel preparation is conducted to fulfill the lacunae if any, existing in the earlier studies. Hence the author has taken up research in this field and selected the topic “Determination of trace metals(Se, Cr, Co, Cu, Ni, Cd and Zn) in various environmental samples"
  • Concentrations of some trace metals in water, sediments & 2 cyprinidae

    Concentrations of some trace metals in water, sediments & 2 cyprinidae

    3960 RUB
    The present study was conducted during the period from January 2010 to December 2010 in south sector of Main out full drain, Nassiriya. Three stations were fixed to achieve the study. The concentration of eight trace metals (cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, lead and zinc) were measured in dissolved and particulate phases of water, exchangeable and residual phases of the sediment and tissues (gills, liver, gut, muscle, ovary and kidney) of two important commercial species of fish Cyprinus carpio L. and Barbus luteus L. In addition, the concentrations of these metals in blood samples of some citizens of study area were measured.The TMs concentration in the particles phase are much more than the dissolved phase.The TMs concentration in the residual phase are much more than the exchangeable phase expect Cd, Pb metals can be attributed to anthropogenic sources.Although fish are particularly good indicators of TMs pollution, it is clear that the different species have different affinities for certain metals, also fish tissues have different affinities for certain trace metals even in the same species.
  • Graham: Slow ?sand? Filtration – Recent Developmen Ts  In Water Treatment Technology

    Graham: Slow ?sand? Filtration – Recent Developmen Ts In Water Treatment Technology

    5225 RUB
    Graham: Slow ?sand? Filtration – Recent Developmen Ts In Water Treatment Technology
  • Trace Elements in Urolithiasis

    Trace Elements in Urolithiasis

    5576 RUB
    Trace elements play an important role in the complex metabolic pathways in human system and their deficiency or in excess may cause disease. Many people all over the world including Pakistan are suffering from urolithiasis i.e. a disease related to urinary stones. The aim of this research study was to develop methods for calibrating the laboratory made standard of urinary calculi, blood and urine against which element were estimated and to see their role in urolithiasis. The work was carried out in such a way so as to classify the estimation of elements in patients and healthy persons.A further classification was also be made taking into consideration the age, sex, diet, water etc. These group were formed after acquiring sufficient data obtained from the survey work. A selected area of Karachi population was taken up in this study.The results were interpreted with respect to the correlation among the trace elements and the effect of each element in urolithiasis.This book which is based on a research study conducted in Karachi, Pakistan would be helpful to the researchers, students, pathologist and medical doctors for the treatment of this disease.
  • Investigation of Trace Elements, Ig's & Vit-C Level in drug abuser

    Investigation of Trace Elements, Ig's & Vit-C Level in drug abuser

    4631 RUB
    Present study investigates the serum levels of trace elements, immunoglobulins and vitamin C in drug addict patients before and after clinical intervention. In this study 10 ml of blood was collected from each of the drug abuse patients during admission and after 1 month of treatment and from each of the control subjects. Samples were then analyzed for determining the serum level of trace elements (Cu, Zn, Fe & Mg), immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA & IgM) & Vitamin C using atomic absorption spectroscopy, turbidimetry method and UV-spectroscopic method respectively. A higher serum Cu level (1.099±0.235 mg/L) in drug abusers than the control group (0.914±0.128 mg/L) was found. The decreased serum Fe level (0.980±0.232 mg/L) of drug abuser was increased to 1.029±0.225 mg/L after intervention. The increased serum Mg level (19.922 mg/L) of drug abusers was decreased to 19.237 mg/L after intervention. The serum concentrations of IgA (252.374±62.262 mg/dl) and IgM (149.935±57.617 mg/dl) were found higher in drug abuser patients than the control group. The concentration of vitamin C was decreased after treatment from 0.527±0.208 mg/dl to 0.510±0.318 mg/dl which was not significant.
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