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  • Nursing & Practice: Evidence-Based Practice, Use of Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing & Practice: Evidence-Based Practice, Use of Nursing Care Plans

    4839 RUB
    To help patients meet individual needs, specifically in resource poor context, mental health nurses need to reinvest in the use of nursing care plans that hone nursing documentation in mental health nursing practice. To provide high quality nursing care to patients and increase patients satisfaction of care rendered, the use of nursing care plans is utmost importance. Nursing & Practice: Evidence-Based Practice, Use of Nursing Care Plans has been essentially designed to showcase the value of using nursing care plans in continuous quality improvement in mental healthcare delivery. This text is particularly useful for mental health nurses, clinical instructors and nurse educators working in resource poor context. It clearly illustrates the background and current status of nursing care plans as the backbone of quality improvement in healthcare systems. Written in a user-friendly style the author has proffered invaluable materials related to care planning, including:general historical context of the use of nursing care plans,value of the use of care plans in quality improvement, factors affecting the implementation of care planning and strategies to overcome those barriers.
  • Burden of Care among Primary Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia

    Burden of Care among Primary Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia

    4839 RUB
    There have been many studies reporting the cross cultural variations on burden of care and its predictors. The present study was aimed to rate the primary caregivers on Burden of care and find the relation ship between different variables which might be the potential predictor of burden of care including Expressed Emotions (EE), gender and financial conditions from Pakistan’s cultural perspective, assuming that among the primary caregivers who score high on burden of care would be high on EE as well. It was also assumed that burden of care would be associated with risk for depression in caregivers along with the assumption that some of the illness variables and demographic variables of both the patients and the caregivers would be associated with burden of care. A purposive sample of 24 patients with schizophrenia was drawn from psychiatric wards of hospitals in Lahore and assessed for positive and negative symptoms and one primary caregiver of each patient was interviewed and rated for burden of care, EE and depression. It was found that majority of the caregivers (54%) were high on burden of care Burden of care and EE emerged as significant predictors of each others.
  • Mary Codey Jo Postpartum Depression For Dummies

    Mary Codey Jo Postpartum Depression For Dummies

    1264.16 RUB
    It's a great blessing when a new mom with postpartum depression (PPD) is fortunate enough to be diagnosed early by a knowledgeable medical practitioner or therapist. But without guidance, it isn't always clear where the boundary between normal baby blues and PPD lies. As with any other illness, the quicker that PPD is identified and treated, the faster the woman will recover. Postpartum Depression For Dummies can help you begin the process of determining what’s going on with you and give you a better idea of where you fall so that you can get yourself into proper treatment right away. The book covers all aspects of PPD, from its history and its origins to its effects on women and their families to the wide variety of treatments available—including conventional Western medicine, psychological therapy, alternative medical treatments, and self-care measures. Postpartum Depression For Dummies reveals: Why some doctors may be hush-hush about PPD How to distinguish between pregnancy hormone changes, «baby blues,» and PPD The difficulties of getting a proper diagnosis The role and importance of a therapist The benefits of medication for depression Alternative treatments with a successful track record How to find the right balance of psychological, medical, and alternative treatment Ways you can help foster recovery The nutrition you need to care for yourself properly How to help your partner help you Postpartum Depression For Dummies also provides the additional resources you need—web sites, organizations, and further reading—to help avoid the unnecessary suffering caused by undiagnosed and untreated PPD and survive and thrive as a new mom.
  • Erika Napoletano The Power of Unpopular. A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You (and why no one else matters)

    Erika Napoletano The Power of Unpopular. A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You (and why no one else matters)

    1577.83 RUB
    Every successful brand in history is inherently unpopular with a specific demographic. Somewhere along the way, people felt they had to be popular in order to be successful, when in fact, the opposite is true. The brands playing in the space you want to dominate have already figured out the inherent power of being unpopular. In The Power of Unpopular, you'll discover the difference between flash-in-the-pan brand tactics and those designed to place you miles above the competition. Brand Personality: What's yours? Explore the importance of taking a stand and why brands become road kill without a distinct personality. Community: It's the number one thing that unpopular brands have figured out—learn how to build yours. Brand Advocacy: It knows no scale and your fans don't care how big you are. A guide for businesses on the proper care and feeding of their biggest asset. Erika Napoletano's irreverent yet never insincere tone takes readers on a colloquial and actionable journey, producing concepts that readers can immediately graft onto their existing business strategies. Complete with case studies of businesses from across the country, this is the book that couples theory with practice, creating pathways for business owners of any size and age. Change the way you do business and live your life—become unpopular.
  • Yosef Dlugacz D. Value Based Health Care. Linking Finance and Quality

    Yosef Dlugacz D. Value Based Health Care. Linking Finance and Quality

    5375.37 RUB
    Value-Based Health Care Linking Finance and Quality Yosef D. Dlugacz Value-Based Health Care? Value-Based Health Care?concisely explains the mandate to successfully link health care quality and finance and describes the tools to implement strategies for organizational success. Yosef Dlugacz provides many illustrative real-world examples of process and outcomes of the value-based approach, taken from a wide range of health care settings. Perfect for students preparing to enter health care management or for practicing health care leaders and professionals, this book is a vital guide to approaches that ensure the health of patients and health care organizations alike. Praise for Value-Based Health Care «Value-Based Health Care provides leaders and quality experts with the much needed roadmap for linking cost and quality. This book will help your organization thrive in today's ultra-competitive environment.» —Patrice L. Spath, health care quality specialist and author of Leading Your Health Care Organization to Excellence and Error Reduction in Health Care: A Systems Approach to Improving Patient Safety «Yosef Dlugacz provides an essential overview of how staff, administrators, and clinicians can create not just a culture but a gestalt of quality health care delivery. . . .given the national debate over access, cost, and quality, the book could not be more timely.» —Theodore J. Joyce, PhD, professor of economics and finance, academic director of the Baruch/Mt. Sinai MBA Program in Health Care Administration, and research associate, National Bureau of Economic Research «Dr. Dlugacz's?case studies and action plans provide great insights and workable solutions to provide safe and effective patient care. It is a welcome resource as we sit on the?advent of health reform.» —Kathy Ciccone, executive director, Quality Institute of the Healthcare Association of New York State
  • AOLUGUYA S11 1.55 Touch Screen Smart Watch Phone w/ Anti-Lost Bluetooth Pedometer - Brass + Black

    AOLUGUYA S11 1.55 Touch Screen Smart Watch Phone w/ Anti-Lost Bluetooth Pedometer - Brass + Black

    4127.65 RUB
    S11 smart watch phone the the latest released smart watch phone by Aoluguya. It can not only help you take care of your self but also take care of you car. It has the anti-lost funciton of your car. Ringing reminder when you receive a call Ringing reminder once your mobile phone disconnected Display the number or name of incoming calls Answer or Dial calls from your wrist Stopwatch function Support hands-free calls phone book Play the music in your phone (after Bluetooth paring) Anti-lost alarm function: When cellphone left watch alarm automatically after a certain distance to avoid lose the phones Fuctions: Alarm Stopwatch SettingsBluetoothNotice Anti LostPedometerPersonal HealthCar theftFind phoneRemote take photo Sleep MonitorCallMessagePhonebookCall HistoryImage viewer FM radio Audio Player CameraAnti Car Theft Find phone. Aoluguya always takes care of you!
  • Utilisation of Maternity Care Among Rural women Nepal

    Utilisation of Maternity Care Among Rural women Nepal

    5790 RUB
    Maternity care is still poor in rural areas of Nepal. The study has assessed the utilisation of maternity care among rural women in Nepal. Pregnant women are not receiving quality antenatal care. Some pregnant women do not think need of antenatal care unless there is a problem with their pregnancy. Most of deliveries take place at home by unskilled persons. Still some women give birth without help of anyone. Similarly, utilisation of postnatal care is also very poor. The main reasons of poor utilisation of maternity care are: lack of awareness, distance to health facility and associated cost. For more information please read the book.
  • Patient Safety

    Patient Safety

    2428 RUB
    How can we make health care processes safer and more consistent? How do we improve care outcomes for patients? With a range of coaching tips, activities, scenarios and reflective exercises, this book enables you to translate current research on patient safety in to everyday good practice, by increasing understanding of the key concepts and helping you to develop strategies to minimise the risk of patient harm. It focusses on Human Factors to support understanding of the relationship between human behaviour and fallibility, and the design of systems and processes, environments, tools, tasks and technology to improve patient safety. It also reflects the WHO Patient Safety Curriculum. Patient Safety is an essential text for all healthcare professionals.
  • Joe Kraynak Food Allergies For Dummies

    Joe Kraynak Food Allergies For Dummies

    1264.16 RUB
    Are you constantly worrying about what you or your loved ones eat? Is every dining experience an episode of anxiety for you? Being allergic to different types of food not only ruins the experience of eating, it can lead to dangerous, sometimes lethal, consequences. With Food Allergies for Dummies, you can feel safer about what you eat. This concise guide shows you how to identify and avoid food that triggers reactions. This guide covers how to care for a child with food allergies, such as getting involved with his/her school’s allergy policies, packing safe lunches, and empowering him/her to take responsibility for his allergy. You will also discover: The signs and symptoms of food allergies How to determine the severity of your allergy Ways to eat out and travel with allergies How to create your own avoidance diet Ways to enjoy your meal without allergic symptoms How to prevent food allergies from affecting your child The latest research being done to treat food allergies Food Allergies for Dummies also provides an in-depth chapter on peanut allergy and how to spot traces of peanut in your food. With this book, you will feel safer and more comfortable while you eat. And, with plenty of helpful resources such as Web sites and allergy-friendly recipes, you’ll hardly have to worry about your diet!
  • Cohen Wayne R. Labor and Delivery Care. A Practical Guide

    Cohen Wayne R. Labor and Delivery Care. A Practical Guide

    7332.63 RUB
    Labor and Delivery Care: A Practical Guide supports and reinforces the acquisition of the practical obstetric skills needed for aiding a successful birth. Beginning with the most important element of successful labor care, communicating with the patient, the authors guide you through normal delivery routines and examination techniques. They then address the best approaches to the full range of challenges that can arise during labor and delivery. Throughout, the 15 chapters provide concise practical guidance with: algorithmic decision trees clinical management tips detailed drawings Labor and Delivery Care: A Practical Guide provides a thorough tour-de-force of the practical obstetric skills needed for best and safest practice based on clinical experience and evidence.
  • Julie Adair King Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / 400D For Dummies

    Julie Adair King Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / 400D For Dummies

    1896.56 RUB
    The Canon Digital Rebel XTi/400D is an ideal camera for first-time digital SLR users. Unfortunately if you don't know photography lingo you might find yourself never veering from your camera's default settings and into all the cool features that help you take outstanding photos. This book takes care of that problem. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D For Dummies comes to the aid of new and inexperienced XTi/400D users by walking them through all the features of their camera. The book not only explains that camera's controls, but also demonstrates how each feature contributes to creating great photos. Illustrated with hundreds of full-color photos, this guide helps you get up-to-speed on the XTi/400D and in control of this popular camera.
  • Comparison of Nurses'' and Patients'' Perception of Caring Behaviors

    Comparison of Nurses'' and Patients'' Perception of Caring Behaviors

    5790 RUB
    Caring behaviors in a complex health care environment minimizes depersonalization in health care. Congruence of perceived value of caring behaviors between patients and nurses as health care needs and requirements escalate is imperative in a complex health care environment. The monograph gives an insight that Filipino nurses'' and patients'' perception of caring behaviors are generally congruent in both levels of complexity of care.
  • Clinical Pathway For Postoperative Organ Transplants

    Clinical Pathway For Postoperative Organ Transplants

    3549 RUB
    The critical care management issues of organ transplant recipients are a growing area to which intensivists are increasingly being exposed. The postoperative care and Intensive care for recipient of organ transplant and this period of time in the patient’s life is crucial, very serious, and require multidisciplinary team work with complete coordination, specified duties for all the team members and performance of timed planned activities to determine post-operative complications, evaluate the healing process, and tolerance of immunosuppressive drugs, to establish the functionality of the transplanted organ and the continuous evaluation of the effects of immunotherapy. Coordination and sharing of patient management information and taking team decision regarding patient management require collaborative care between the Transplant team. Clinical pathway are multidisciplinary timed care plans, emphasizing evidence based interventions and reducing variations in care lead to high quality, less costly care.
  • McQueen Anne Perspectives on Cancer Care

    McQueen Anne Perspectives on Cancer Care

    3414.31 RUB
    Perspectives on Cancer Care is a unique collection of insights from contributors, based on their specific expertise and experience. It provides a range of perspectives on cancer care to inspire readers and encourage high-quality care through an enhanced understanding of patients' needs and carers' skills. The book presents a series of chapters highlighting different circumstances and approaches to the complex reality of cancer care. In each chapter the author presents their own picture of their experience of the individual's needs and the care required to address these needs, illustrating the particular sensitivity, trust, empathy and support required in the care of patients with cancer and their families. The holistic approach to total care is a prominent feature in cancer care and this is illustrated throughout the various chapters. This collection of perspectives on cancer care: highlights particular issues in the field encourages best practice draws on the expertise of specialist practitioners in the field of cancer care features a holistic approach to cancer care, illustrated through scenarios
  • Palliative Care Needs of Aids Patients

    Palliative Care Needs of Aids Patients

    4839 RUB
    People with AIDS often suffer from major physical and psychosocial distress due to their experience of serious life-threatening illness. The palliative care needs of AIDS patients at Tikur Anbessa hospital are very high and interrelated. Their palliative care needs are not addressed by the existing health care services due to limited access. Besides the available services are not holistic and they are not integrated with other services. Therefore promoting standard palliative care services for patients and their families is important to alleviate their distress and improve their quality of life. This book focuses on exploring the palliative care needs of AIDS patients from the perspectives of the AIDS patients and health care providers. The book came up with workable recommendations which could be used as an input in designing and implementing appropriate palliative care services in existing heath care system.
  • Specifics of Nursing Care for Seniors with Herpes zoster

    Specifics of Nursing Care for Seniors with Herpes zoster

    4529 RUB
    Herpes zoster is an infectious disease that is overcome by around 75 million people every year. Most cases are registered in the elderly people. The most endangered are seniors over 85 years who are at risk of 50%. Caring for a sick elderly person is interdisciplinary. Among the important team members we include nurses. Nurses provide home care and also institutional care. The specifics of this care and specific clinical examples of care for seniors with Herpes zoster we present in the publication. The publication provides basic information about the illness, nursing home care and institutional care as well as casuistry of two patients, where we demonstrate the contribution of nursing care for hospitalized elderly. The book is intended for students of nursing and other humanities disciplines as well as for practitioners and specialists.
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